Testing / Training

For Amateur Radio Licensing (including fully remote testing & study or anything on this page) email testing@sbcara.org.

Upcoming Test Sessions

Status = Quad County means sessions open to those in San Benito, Monterey Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties only. Email testing@sbcara.org for a link to register. The session will open up to the general public if there are seats available about 5 days before the session.

Date – TimeContactStatus
September 29 – 1900 (7pm) hamstudy.org Quad County
October 13 – 1900 (7pm) email Quad County
October 27 – 1900 (7pm) email Quad County
See: https://hamstudy.org/sessions/N6HKT for our upcoming exams or https://hamstudy.org/sessions/ for a listing of exams including those by other groups.

Amateur Radio License Testing

We have been having fully-remote on-line ham testing sessions. We are planning more – if you’re interested, please contact our contact volunteer examiner at testing @ sbcara.org or check https://hamstudy.org/sessions/N6HKT for dates….

Before 2Q 2020, our group had over a 90% pass rate for the Ham Cram (Amateur Radio License Study) process.

With the COVID-19 situation, we had to find new ways to do things and we are now able to provide Amateur Radio Testing remotely, but the question has been, how can we update a ham study process while practicing social distancing?

We have two processes. These two processes are based on what we know has worked in the past.

1. On-Line Ham Study Process.
2. At Home Ham Cram Process.

On-Line Ham Study Process

  1. Obtain study materials – Download PDF files based on the license class you’re looking for or purchase ham study books from groups such as hamstudy.org (free), ARRL or W5YI. Study the materials on your own.
  2. Go to HamStudy.org (if you didn’t already do so in step 1) and register for a free account and try some practice tests.
  3. Continue practicing until you’re consistently passing near 90%. You need 74% to pass a real test, but people typically do worse on a real test over a practice test.
  4. Contact SBCARA VEG (Volunteer Examiner Group) at testing@sbcara.org and reserve a time for a license testing session. See https://sbcara.org/pretest to see what needs to be done in advance of the appointment.
  5. Follow the directions for Fully-Remote On-Line testing as directed to by the Contact Volunteer Examiner (N6HKT) at testing@sbcara.org

At Home Ham Cram Process

  1. Obtain study materials – Download PDF files based on the license class you’re looking for.
  2. Contact SBCARA at testing@sbcara.org and reserve a time for a license testing session in the afternoon or evening. See https://sbcara.org/pretest to find out what needs to be done in advance of the appointment.
  3. From your appointment time, count back 7 hours and set your start time. (For example, if your appointment time is 4:00 pm, set a start time of 9:00 am)
  4. Clear your desk or table of any distractions and do everything possible to avoid interruptions. Consider yourself on the clock like a job for the next 8 hours with a lunch break.
  5. For the first hour, spend the first 45 minutes going through section 1 of the test packet. Highlight the correct answer which is in parenthesis near the test question number and focus on the right answer.
    (in this example, the correct answer is “A”:
    T1A03 (A)
    Which part of the FCC regulations contain the rules….
    A. Part 97
    B. Part 73…
  6. You want to link the question with the correct answer. Ignore the wrong answers. Continue until you see “End of Section 1”. Go back to the beginning of the section and continue to read and review until the 45 minutes is up.
  7. After 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break. Give your mind a break for 15 minutes.
  8. Start the next hour the same 45 minutes of sutdy as the first with section 2.
  9. We found it best to study for 4 hours, take a 1 hour lunch break, and finish the last 2 sections for 2 hours. Although, technically take the lunch hour break wherever it makes sense to you, but it is recommended taking it near the middle of the seven hour period. Don’t try to do all seven hours in a row, your mind needs a break in there.
  10. After you’ve completed all 6 sections over the 7 hours, get ready for your appointment as directed by the Contact Volunteer Examiner (N6HKT) at testing@sbcara.org

Note – the diagrams the questions refer to are in the back of the document.