How to Renew or Modify Your License

Much like a banking or commerce website you’ll need a login to get to: . Below the fields to enter your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password are links to reset your password, lookup your FRN, etc.

You’ll see one of two types of screens. One if you only have one license under the FRN

Or if you have multiple licenses, you’ll see:

Either way, click on Renew Licenses. Then on the next panel, select the license or licenses you want to renew and click on Add to move them to the Licenses to Renew box on the right and click Continue

You’ll be asked and in nearly all cases the answer is “No”:

It should be pretty straight forward from here.

If you want to modify your license such as change your address, phone number, etc. the process is similar, but will bring you to a panel like this:

Hope this help…. 73!