How SBCARA Communicates

General communications to the group.

Limited emails plus event reminders and membership renewal information. was our previous platform to send group emails, but has subgroups that we still use…

GroupDescriptionLink to the group
MainRequired to receive subgroup information – Announce Only Group[email protected]
AREDNGroup discussing the AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network)[email protected]
ARESARES – email TO ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) Members – Announce Only Group[email protected]
BoardSBCARA Board Member Communications – Announce Only Group – Closed Group[email protected]
DigitalGroup discussing Digital Communications including DMR, Fusion, D-Star, P25, etc.[email protected]
EduInterested in Classes & Training – Announce Only Group[email protected]
Net-HFHF Net Discussion / Announcement Group[email protected]
Net-IRLPIRLP Net Discussion / Announcement Group[email protected]
RACESRACES – email TO RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) Members – Announce Only Group – Closed Group[email protected]
SarTopoSarTopo – Discussion group about training for SarTopo[email protected]
SOCSOC – Sea Otter Classic – Current Year Volunteers – Announce Only[email protected]
SOC-InterestSOC – Sea Otter Classic – Potential Volunteers – Interested in volunteer especially for those who have volunteered in the past. Announce Only[email protected]
TechTechnical Discussion[email protected]
WxWX – Weather information specially for Weather Ready Nation groups including SBCARA.[email protected]


For those familiar with Discord – it is quite handy. We’ve used it to coordinate discussions during events such as Field Day, and test sessions. For those familiar with Slack it is similar.

To subscribe to the SBCARA General channel, email W6TST (at

Legacy Google Groups

Before we ran things with Google Groups which some may still utilize information but we are not adding members to these groups. The weather list is the only remaining active group as of 2022 and that is included in the group listed above.