We have been having fully-remote on-line ham testing sessions. We are planning more – if you’re interested, please contact our contact volunteer examiner at testing @ or check for dates….

Congratulations to those who have passed their exam so far….   For the new licensees, click on your call sign below to be taken to the FCC site and then click “Reference Copy” and it will let you download a PDF of your license or take you to a viewer of the copy (depending on your computer configuration) and you can print your  reference copy from there.

Note: The FCC Website seems to be having issues today (2/8-10/2021)

NameCall SignLicense ClassDate
Garrett H. KuramotoKN6LTOUpgrade to General2/24
Manuel CastilloKI5OBOTechnician2/20
Raymond N. HartKN6DPIUpgrade to General2/20
Sean Q. HolecheckKC3RHTTechnician2/20
Mark D. LyonKN6NNYTechnician2/20
Matt TaglesKJ7UVNTechnician2/20
Christopher R. BuddN8TMMUpgrade to General2/17
Barton A. PeacherKO4MTITechnician2/17
Benjamin E. SeidenbergKI4CXNUpgrade to Amateur Extra2/17
Nathan M. BryanKN6NLFTechnician2/12
Dimitri P. ClarkKJ7UOTTechnician2/12
Lynn G. HildenKN6NLGTechnician2/12
Susan M. HildenKN6NLHTechnician2/12
Keith B. SherrillKO4DEAUpgrade to General2/12
Rick E. Cervantes Sr.KN6NJNTechnician2/10
George H. DennyKM6KOAUpgrade to Amateur Extra2/10
Colton ErkKF0DTBTechnician2/10
Tristan HadleyKJ7UMGTechnician2/10
Joshua A. SlaughterKO4MGOTechnician2/10
Michael D. Robinson Sr.KC3QYSUpgrade to General2/5
David M. SabulisKC1OPETechnician2/5
Jordon M. SmithKN6NHVTechnician & General2/5
David BanksKJ7TOHUpgrade to General2/3
Robert R. BlackmerKN6LUKUpgrade to General2/3
Joseph BrewsterKI5NNJTechnician2/3
Kevin W. CarruthKI5LCFUpgrade to General2/3
Paul E. LoreeKF0DQGTechnician2/3
Christopher E. CantonKN6JYQUpgrade to Extra1/29
Gene C. FranklinKN6NEJTechnician1/29
Richard KendrickKD9ROETechnician1/29
Bryan KongKN6NEKTechnician1/29
Jorge E. ParrottKO4LUOTechnician1/29
Patrick N. DehnerKJ7TYITechnician1/27
Andrew DesrosiersKF0DOATechnician1/27
Derek C. FrelowKD2VMKTechnician1/27
Ken HayesKO4LOQTechnician1/27
John IrvinKJ7TYJTechnician1/27
Christoper P. SlamarKD9QIGUpgrade to General1/27
Jack A. CalzarettaKD9RMLTechnician1/22
Joseph P. GleasonKN6NCETechnician1/22
Thomas K. TurneyKN6NCFTechnician1/22
Charles F. WebbKN4KWAUpgrade to Amateur Extra1/22
Francisco IacobelliKD9RJZTechnician1/20
John E. Kienitz Jr.KN6MFLUpgrade to Amateur Extra1/20
Brandon KingKO4LEUTechnician1/20
Ryan M. KingKD2VLFTechnician1/20
Alexander T. KreisN6WDYUpgrade to General1/20
Karl C. FrandsenKN6MYNTechnician1/18
Bonnie GrazianoKD2VGGUpgrade to General1/18
James Nunes IIKN6MYOTechnician1/18
David RaymakerKN6MYPTechnician1/18
Michal ZalewskiK7TUFUpgrade to General1/18
292 Examinees, 327 Elements Passed ( 96%): 232 Technicians; 60 Generals; 34 Amateur Extras