We have been having fully-remote on-line ham testing sessions. We are planning more – if you’re interested, please contact our contact volunteer examiner at testing @ or check for dates….

Congratulations to those who have passed their exam so far….   For the new licensees, click on your call sign below to be taken to the FCC site and then click “Reference Copy” and it will let you download a PDF of your license or take you to a viewer of the copy (depending on your computer configuration) and you can print your  reference copy from there.

NameCall SignLicense ClassDate
Rick L MunozKN6SMCTechnician1/19
Tim BengtsonN6WNGUpgrade to General 11/17
Arezu MoshirianKN6RTQTechnician11/17
Deidre K. FikeKE6VTY Upgrade to General 10/13
Rose N. RyanKN6RCO Technician 10/13
Mikail L. BarronKK6NNBUpgrade to General9/29
Allison F. HersheyKM6RMNUpgrade to General 9/29
Ken R. HollywoodKN6PACUpgrade to General9/29
John C. MartinKI5RWOTechnician9/29
Rod HardmanKN6PZWUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/25
Jerry J. MillerKI5QYEUpgrade to General7/28
Torfi F. OlafssonKN6PWETechnician7/28
Jon P. SedlacekKN6PWFTechnician7/28
Baari WardlowKN6QALTechnician7/28
Justin BlackburnKY0TESUpgrade to General7/21
Michael KrakowiakKN6PTGTechnician7/21
Gillian V. WeedaKJ7ZXYTechnician7/21
Brian A BuckhoutKN6PMIUpgrade to General7/14
Brian A BuckhoutKN6PMITechnician6/30
Robert CaldeiraKN6PCRUpgrade to General6/30
Jerry EstepKJ7ZMZTechnician6/24
Armando PicciottoKE6HCEUpgrade to General6/24
James R. WecklerKN6PJYTechnician6/24
Matthew B. BordersKI5KFZUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/17
Timothy E. CandeeKN6PHPTechnician6/17
Eric M. HerrmannKN6PHQTechnician6/17
Joan MonterreyNP3MJUpgrade to General6/17
Matthew B. BordersKI5KFZUpgrade to General6/11
Shawn BurchKN6PGKTechnician6/11
Satoshi KawakamiKJ7ZFGUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/11
Erica BergKN6PFNTechnician6/9
Lorraine FloresKN6PFOTechnician6/9
Dale GeeAJ6ST was KN6OYDTechnician6/9
Steven E. KillgoreKN6PFPTechnician6/9
Debra B. LanceKJ7ZFVTechnician6/9
Robert CaldeiraKN6PCRTechnician6/2
Michael A. KastKN6PCSTechnician6/2
Brian A. NolfKN6PCTTechnician6/2
Jeroen Van Der SteenKN6PCUTechnician6/2
Jeffrey L. BatesKN6PAATechnician5/21
Kacey L. BlackmonKN6PABTechnician5/21
Ken R. HollywoodKN6PACTechnician5/21
John D. PughKN6PADTechnician5/21
David ShullKF0FTDTechnician5/21
Michael BeatonKN6OYCTechnician & General5/19
Dale GeeKN6OYDTechnician & General5/19
Michael G. HesleyAI7HP was KJ7YJIUpgrade to Amateur Extra5/19
George I. MelvilleKN6OYETechnician5/19
Anthony PurtscherKN6OYFTechnician5/19
Curtis T. DinkelKF0FQPTechnician5/12
Michael D. SharpKN6OWCTechnician5/12
Jose I. TenorioKN6OWDTechnician5/12
Ryan A. HaggbergKO4QEXTechnician5/07
Christopher A. GrahamKJ7YLUTechnician4/30
Viktor KuryshKN6ORTTechnician4/30
John LoceyKN6ORUTechnician4/30
Joshua W. DavidsonKI5PQUTechnician4/28
Marcial L. EvertsenKJ7YJHTechnician4/28
Kyle MckeirnanKO4PXITechnician4/28
Carlos A. RodriguezWP4SHUpgrade to General & Amateur Extra4/28
Melissa D. ChokWP4RTQTechnician4/23
Dan FowlerKN6ONRTechnician4/23
Ryan SajdakKD2WGATechnician4/23
John SwinkKJ7YGDTechnician4/23
Michael J. WalkerKI5POQTechnician4/23
Raul G. CamachoKJ7WYFTechnician4/18
Leif JessenKJ7WYGTechnician4/18
Craig A. LooneyKN6NUEUpgrade to General4/18
Andrew J. WesselsKN6OLITechnician 4/14
Frank S. White IVKJ7WSXTechnician4/07
391 Examinees, 445 Elements Passed ( 96%): 300 Technicians; 104 Generals; 44 Amateur Extras (as of 11/22/2021)