We have been having fully-remote on-line ham testing sessions. We are planning more – if you’re interested, please contact our contact volunteer examiner at testing @ or check for dates….

Congratulations to those who have passed their exam so far….   For the new licensees, click on your call sign below to be taken to the FCC site and then click “Reference Copy” and it will let you download a PDF of your license or take you to a viewer of the copy (depending on your computer configuration) and you can print your  reference copy from there.

NameCall SignLicense ClassDate
Daniel CasasKO6BZDTechnician12/4
Brian ChavezKO6BZSTechnician12/4
Thomas ConradKN6WYGUpgrade to Amateur Extra12/4
Michael FrancisKO6BYJTechnician12/4
Steve HatcherKO6BZETechnician12/4
William D. JamesKO6AWGUpgrade to General12/4
Aaron LittleKO6BXSTechnician12/4
Luke PasleyKO6BYGTechnician12/4
William SmithKO6BYKTechnician12/4
David HitchKO6AVATechnician8/12
William D. JamesKO6AWGTechnician8/12
Alvin H. McManus Jr.KN6ZVIUpgrade to General8/12
Amir Safakish(Pending)Technician8/12
Steven UmfleetKO6AXBTechnician8/12
Richard WeigelKO6AVZTechnician8/12
Alvin H. McManus Jr.KN6ZVITechnician5/13
Karen P. Mohan SchulzKN6ZVQTechnician5/13
Lee H. SchulzKB6LEEUpgrade to Amateur Extra5/13
Thomas ConradKN6WYGUpgrade to General4/28
Brendan J. IttelsonK6BJIUpgrade to General2/10
Anthony S. ArellanoKN6YHGTechnician1/22
Edward M. AustinKN6YHUTechnician1/22
Henry ChenAJ6ZOTechnician, General & Amateur Extra1/22
Tom DavlantisKN6YHVTechnician1/22
Jay A. FalknerKN6YHWTechnician1/22
Frank R. PignataroKN6YHKTechnician1/22
Ronald C. RossKD6ZXGUpgrade to General1/22
Luis V. SanchezKN6YHNTechnician1/22
Sergii TkachenkoKN6YHXTechnician1/22
Barbara ChamberlainKN6YEATechnician12/16
Thomas ConradKN6WYGTechnician12/16
Kathryn M. GaffordKN6WQSTechnician11/18
Pamela LoCocoKN6WPWTechnician11/18
Beth A TrusoKN6WPPTechnician11/16
Luke HoldenKN6WNITechnician11/12
Anthony ViveroKN6WMZTechnician11/12
Brent M AndersonKN6WNATechnician11/12
Martin L BargasKN6WNDTechnician11/12
Samuel I HerzKN6WMXTechnician11/12
Alexander WalkerKN6WLDTechnician11/4
Rob E. BarajasKM6YZZUpgrade to General8/25
Paul V. Bartholow IVKN6WCOTechnician8/25
Maxwell CheshierKN6VQDTechnician & General8/25
Blain FoxKK6YYKUpgrade to General8/25
Emilio FranchyKN6VPDTechnician8/25
Conner G. HannonK1OSKUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/25
James F. LazellAJ6YBTechnician, General & Amateur Extra8/25
Vincent LuiKN6VQETechnician8/25
Renato J. Pereira-Castillo(Pending)Technician & General8/25
Chris ProunhKN6VROTechnician8/25
Patrick M. RadsliffKN6CFDUpgrade to General & Amateur Extra8/25
Miguel A. Torres Jr.KN6AMKUpgrade to General8/25
Tamara S. BellKN6VOVTechnician8/13
Joseph H. ChudyKN6VMUTechnician8/13
Joe W. NicholsKJ6YTAUpgrade to General8/13
Baron Recht(Pending)Technician8/13
Alexandros VardakostasKN6VKMTechnician8/10
Anthony CacaceKN6VITTechnician7/29
Dru JorgensenKK7HRATechnician7/29
Pete MontanezKN6VPITechnician7/29
Jason BiggsKI5WELTechnician & General6/29
Cade A. CadjewKI5WEKTechnician6/29
Ricky J. KeeleKQ4CZNTechnician6/29
Michael OsburnKN6UZBTechnician6/29
David W. NingKN6UUTTechnician6/17
Petrus J. ViljoenKN6UUUTechnician6/17
Rose Marie CameronKN6ULFTechnician5/21
Denise KatoKN6UJETechnician5/21
Roxanne LoKN6MLMUpgrade to Amateur Extra5/21
Matthew ThrasherKN6UIDTechnician5/21
David M. ZamzowKN6ULHTechnician5/21
Alexandria E. EngleKD9VFPTechnician5/20
Donald A. MasquelierKN6UIETechnician5/20
Linda OlesonKN6SYOUpgrade to General5/20
Timothy R. BengtsonN6WNGUpgrade to Amateur Extra4/13
Shuddhasatwa BhattacharyaKN6TTGTechnician4/13
Cally HaberKN6TTHTechnician4/13
Alan DavisonKN6TLRTechnician3/25
Michael T. EgglestonKN6TLSTechnician3/25
James HivelyKN6TLTTechnician3/25
John HornyakKN6TLUTechnician3/25
Norman NavaltaKN6TLVTechnician3/25
James WoodyKN6TLWTechnician3/25
Laura ZerbeKN6TLXTechnician3/25
Miriam J. PelegKN6TGGTechnician3/11
Teri PotratzKN6TGHTechnician3/11
Adam StrongKN6TGITechnician3/11
Susan K. Tatsui-D’ArcyKN6TGJTechnician3/11
Taurean L. DyerKN6TBPUpgrade to General3/4
Teresa L. LocatelliKN6TDKTechnician3/4
Rubina SandersKN6TDLTechnician3/4
Scott C. SandersKN6TDMTechnician3/4
Delle R. TownsendKN6TDNTechnician3/4
Daniel M. CasasKN6TBOTechnician3/2
Taurean L. DyerKN6TBPTechnician3/2
Susan PenneyKN6TBQTechnician3/2
Patrick T. ReillyKN6TBRTechnician3/2
Dawn ShoemakerKN6TBSTechnician3/2
Anthony ColettaW2TACUpgrade to Amateur Extra2/25
Scott EvansKN6SZHTechnician2/25
Richard HamnerKN6SZITechnician2/25
Mary MagoffinKN6SZJTechnician2/25
Aumao P. ToalepaialiiKN6SZKTechnician2/25
Jon A. JonesKN6SYNTechnician2/23
Linda OlesonKN6SYOTechnician2/23
Lance A. PorterKN6SYPTechnician2/23
Justin L. ReynoldsKN6SYQTechnician2/23
Daniel A. WaldonKN6SYRTechnician2/23
Donna ZetterquistKN6SYSTechnician2/23
Noriko DeisenrothKN6SXPTechnician2/18
Brett HamnerKN6SXQTechnician2/18
Kasey MathewKN6SXRTechnician2/18
Christopher L. MillsKN6SXSTechnician2/18
Michael NardellKN6SXTTechnician2/18
Ivan G. ProvalovKN6SXUTechnician2/18
Chris ChangKN6SVDTechnician2/16
Daniel DeisenrothKN6SVETechnician2/16
Patricia J. LiuKN6SVFTechnician2/16
Mark RoemkeKN6SVGTechnician2/16
Michael A. SummersKN6SVHTechnician2/16
Rick L MunozKN6SMCTechnician1/19
Tim BengtsonN6WNGUpgrade to General 11/17
Arezu MoshirianKN6RTQTechnician11/17
Deidre K. FikeKE6VTY Upgrade to General 10/13
Rose N. RyanKN6RCO Technician 10/13
441 Examinees, 497 Elements Passed ( 95%): 347 Technicians; 106 Generals; 47 Amateur Extras (as of 6/19/2022)