We’re starting to make badges or pins for the group. If you’re interested email badge @ (without spaces)

You can choose between a pin back or a magnetic back. Magnetic backs have a strong magnet to keep it attached to a shirt for example, but may cause problems with some devices so it is advised not to be used with pacemakers.

Include your name as you want it to appear, callsign and if you want a pin or magnetic back.

WITH a PAYPAL ACCOUNT the cost is $8 so please use these links below… With a PayPal Account Visit our account at PayPal by going to
WITH a PAYPAL ACCOUNT click on this QR Code if you have PayPal as an application on your smart phone and specify $8 QR Code
WITH OR WITHOUT a PAYPAL ACCOUNT to pay by credit card, a PayPal account is not necessary to pay on the PayPal site with the “Donate” link below)
To pay by physical check, send the check made out to SBCARA to
SBCARA Pin c/o San Benito County ACS/RACES, 3226 Southside Rd, Hollister, CA 95023

Please email badge @ to let us know you are paying by check.