Zoom share setup for Mac.

Taking your amateur license test via Zoom requires sharing the screen you’re taking the test on. For Apple Mac computers it sometimes requires some security setting changes depending on how your computer is configured in order to allow sharing of your screen.

If you’ve shared your screen before in someone else’s Zoom call before or you don’t have strict security setting, this may not be necessary.

However, it is also possible that you might have a corporate computer and these settings are locked and you may not be able to use your computer for your amateur license test, but fortunately, we haven’t had that issue yet.

If you have a Mac, you may want to have this open in a browser tab for easy reference before logging into Zoom to take your test.

The first indication you need to change your setting is when you click on the SHARE button on our Zoom session you’ll notice your choices of screens to share have a triangular warning icon on it like this

Selecting Desktop 1 and clicking SHARE will pop up this window.

Open System Preferences will open the Security and Privacy and you’ll see zoom.us without a check box next to it.

If the lock logo shows locked, you might need to use some method to unlock this panel (password, Apple Watch, fingerprint, etc)

Click the check box once you can.

Once you do, you’ll see something like this where your windows now appear without the warning triangle logo

Select Desktop 1 and click on Share may result in this window – clicking on Deny should work OK and you should be able to proceed.